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  • [[Category:Historical Figures]]
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  • ...century was heavily influenced by the writings of late nineteenth-century historians of science and religion, whose influence we have only recently begun to [[Category:Historical Figures]]
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  • == History == [[Category:Historical Figures]]
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  • ==Historical Overview== ..., Leo Ferrari, Gwendolyn MacEwen, and their Flat Earth Society]'' provides historical research and an overview of Leo Ferrari's Flat Earth Society. One of th
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  • ...Pepper were started by pharmacists. Indeed, Dr. Rowbotham preceded them in history. :Phosphorous has a rich history. Throughout the 1800's higher doses of phosphorous was closely studied by
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  • [[Category:Historical Figures]]
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  • ...e in patterns and trends. By analyzing the patterns of past behaviors from historic tables it is possible to create an equation that will predict a future ev {{cite|The circle is the geometric figure possessing perfect symmetry, so Ptolemy and earlier Greek astronomers bega
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  • James Clerk Maxwell, the father of Electromagnetic Theory and a figure widely considered to be one of the greatest scientists to have lived, util ...ctured material plenum characterized by different physical quantities, the historical and traditional word “ether” is the most appropriate to express the
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  • '''Q.''' How the Sun can rise from near the east under this configuration during Equinox?<br> ...gins by pivoting around either the Northern or Southern poles, and makes a figure eight around the model. The points along the edge of the Sun's area of lig
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  • ...are much more strongly connected to each other (the solid line, B, in the figure below).}} ...hors of textbooks should consider whether they merit anything more than a historical note.}}
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  • ...erver’s latitude and the apparent diameter of the Sun (see figure 2). From figure 2 '''it is apparent that the only location where the equinox sunrise occur '''A.''' The longitude lines were historically determined in relationship to the local time of day<sup>1</sup>. Appl
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  • It appears that sea navigation in the South has historically been a difficult endeavor. While ship logs from the southern seas are ...wrote a second letter, stating that perhaps there was some mistake in the figures, thinking they had got them transposed by some means in giving the numero
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  • Modern tests in this family have increased it more than 15 significant figures. The Equivalence Principle is continuously tested, in many different scen ...famous experiment designed to measure the velocity of light, and which was historically performed on the horizontal. The Michelson-Morley Experiment has popu
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  • Description: "An experimental inquiry into the true figure of the Earth, proving it a plane, without orbital or axial motion, and the Description: "A History of the Evolution of Astronomy from the Time of the Roman Empire Up to the
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