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  • ...e arc for December 21 is at the top while the arc for June 21 is at the bottom. This happens because '''''we are effectively lying on the ground with our At the bottom of the page we read that the polar projection sun chart was generated with
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  • &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<small>'''''—Tom Bishop'''''</small><br><br> {{cite|I've got to agree with Tom. That picture he posted looks bogus as hell. If you zoom in, you can see th
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  • ...reaches us. This also explains the &quot;sinking ship&quot; effect: the bottom portion of the ship appears to sink into the ocean because all of the light -Tom Bishop
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  •, and the top of which was 8 feet above the surface of the water--the bottom being in a line with the tops of the other and intervening flags, as shown ==The Bishop Experiment==
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