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  • Throughout the history of the Flat Earth Theory, multiple models and maps have been proposed. This page aims to showcase the most prominent examples ...raphy of the Earth is quite different to that outlined in the conventional model.
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  • ...d predates Samuel Rowbotham's initial work on the subject by 30 years. The model in ''The Anti-Newtonian'' features three aligned poles: A central North Pol ...the behaviors of the Sun. There are numerous details on why the Flat Earth model in ''The Anti-Newtonian'' must exist as consequence of the Sun's actions.
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  • ...furnished, acts as a vivid piece of evidence for the Flat Earth celestial model which is visible and accessible to all. ...erred to as an 'illusion' because observation doesn't fit the conventional model hence the complex explanations to try and make it work. The anomaly is ackn
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  • [[File:Map.png|200px|thumb|right|A commonly used image of the Earth|A commonly used im *[ Bi-Polar Model - Circumnavigation]
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  • ...tating center to the main Northern center. Proponents of the '''[[Bi-Polar Model]]''' argue that there are two areas of celestial rotation over the Earth. ==Monopole Model==
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  • ...nent which exists in standard contexts. An 'Ice Wall' still exists in this model, but it is not Antarctica. It is assumed that beyond the rays of the sun th ...the lack of direct evidence at the time for additional poles. The Bi-Polar Model reverts to the original concepts of multiple poles.
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  • The '''Neo-Classical''' Model of the flat earth emerged in the 20th century, combining work from Samuel B The Neo-Classical Model relies on five postulates:
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  • ...rth Theory's [ celestial model] directly provides a mechanism for why lines, containing points at differen ...rance of the stars from Earth without the complication of a more realistic model of the universe. Working with the celestial sphere offers a convenient way
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  • act as an easily-accessible entry point into the mainstream Flat Earth model. This page is designed to answer some of the questions that many Round Eart ...e United Nations emblem closely resembles the [[Flat Earth Maps|Flat Earth map]].|alt=United Nations emblem]]
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  • ...d in cartography, geodesy and navigation fields, including use with Google Maps. WGS84 represents the world with a spherical coordinate system. Such discu ...coordinate information is temporarily reprojected and retrieved from flat maps with planar coordinates in order to provide accurate geospatial data.<sup>
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  • ...converge'' (See the [[Bi-Polar Model]]). According to the classic Monopole model with an Antarctic rim the lines will ''diverge''. ...rately determining the geography of the Earth under the various geographic models in discussion.
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  • [[Category:Maps and Models]]
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  • [[Category:Maps and Models]]
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  • ...rding to the Flat Earth [[Bi-Polar Model]] and the traditional Round Earth Model the distances beyond the equator will ''converge'' as they recede towards t On this topic proponents of the Monopole Model generally point to various discrepancies.
    8 KB (1,264 words) - 23:23, 10 January 2022
  • ...h models under investigation (Ie. The [[Bi-Polar Model]] or other possible models). ...e flights in any certain way in investigation of the Flat Earth geographic models in discussion.
    20 KB (3,061 words) - 18:13, 7 December 2021
  • ..., the Southern Celestial System, and Distances. Proponents of the Monopole Model argue that there are alternative ways to interpret certain phenomena and th In contrast, under the Flat Earth [[Bi-Polar Model]] the nature of the South is asserted to converge to a point similar to its
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  • ...oast-lines, latitude, longitude and distances are concerned, with the best maps known.}} ''First'' — If we take any globe map of the world and measure the distance from the Cape of Good Hope to Buenos
    21 KB (3,596 words) - 03:55, 30 June 2021
  • ...hould not rise from. When it comes to specific assertions, the Round Earth model is unable to be justified with a prediction that fits reality. the sun rise from even within two degrees of Due East in the Flat Earth model (Monopole)?
    15 KB (2,437 words) - 14:01, 15 November 2021
  • from the seismic zones.<sup>[]</sup> There are also several items which do not make sense wi ...ificial corrections that are added or subtracted to the data and reference model, rather than information that is from the measurements. Operators are told
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  • ===Mapping, Navigation & Surveying=== * [[Flat Earth Maps]]
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