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The Ancient Greeks

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Aristotle's Round Earth Proofs

There are three proofs Aristotle gave for the supposed rotundity of the earth. They are:

Eratosthenes Shadow Experiment

Eratosthenes is famed for his shadow experiment where he determined the circumference of the Round Earth. However, this experiment assumes that the earth is a globe and that the sun is far away. The experiment can also be interpreted under a Flat Earth model as well.

Erathostenes on Diameter
Distance to the Sun

Continuous Universe

The Ancient Greeks believed in a Continuous Universe. This Ancient Greek concept of a perfect universe assumes the following:

  • That perfect circles can exist
  • That one could zoom into a circle forever and see a curve
  • That any length of space can be divided into infinitely smaller parts
  • That the space can be infinitely long
  • Time can likewise be infinitely divided, or infinitely long
  • The Perspective Lines receded infinitely and continuously into the distance