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The Cosmos

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"A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where the sky and the Earth touch..." —Flammarion Engraving (Colorized)

The Cosmos is the name given to everything that is above the terrestrial atmoplane.


Astronomy is a Pseudoscience
Astronomical Prediction Based on Patterns
— The Three Body Problem
Kings Dethroned
Quotes That Tell Us We Have All Been Lied To

The Sun

The Sun Main Page

Temperature Variations of sunlight
Distance to the Sun
— The Seasons
Rising and Setting
Magnification of the Sun at Sunset, or how the sun maintains its size throughout the day.
— The Equinox

The Moon

The Moon Main Page

— The Tides
— The Solar Eclipse
The Lunar Eclipse
Nearside Always Seen
Phases of the Moon
A Close Look at the Lunar Lander

The Planets

The Planets Main Page

Retrograde Motion of the Planets
Precession of Mercury's Orbit
Discovery of Neptune

The Stars

The Stars Main Page

Airy's Failure
Southern Celestial Rotation
Problems of the Galaxies

General Physics