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Aetheric Whirlpool

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The Aetheric Whirlpool (or Whirlwind) is an extremely important phenomenon in the Aetheric Wind Model. As aether rushes past the earth, it is attracted to the vacuum that it itself makes. It thus falls back down towards the earth in a pattern similar to the whirlpool easily observable in one's sink. When it reaches the middle of the whirlpool, the aether continues on its way. The process in comparable to that of a siphon.

Shadow of the Whirlpool

The shadow of the Aetheric Whirlpool is a hypothesized effect in which objects traveling along the earth are subtly pulled into a path taking them around the disk. It is not known exactly how it operates, but it may be related to gravity.

Path of the sun, the moon, and the stars

The Moon and Sun travel along the Aetheric Whirlpool. The Sun is relatively near a portion of the whirlpool comparable to an eyewall, which causes Sunset and Sunrise. It moves from side to side on this wall, which is the reason for the seasons. The stars are somewhere near the top of the whirlpool.

Sunset/sunrise and the Midnight Sun

The sunrise/set and midnight sun are caused by a several eyewalls throughout the Whirlpool, which distort light to the point that it does not reach the earth.


Aether is, according to the Aetheric Wind Model, a substance which fills up the majority of the universe and causes Universal Acceleration.


It is made of a mixture of Hydrogen (H) and Helium (He). Aether was formed before the Big Bang, when all matter and energy in the Universe was crushed together in the same particle with near infinite heat and pressure. It is of a state of matter unreachable by man. It, like gas, is very fluid, and is so spread out that not even London Dispersal Forces (van der Waals Forces) affect it. As such, it retains energy indefinitely. It is also what warms the Earth and causes the lava under the crust.