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The atmolayer is a series of layers of gases above inhabited part of the earth. Therefore, 'atmolayer' is the flat earth term for the round earth atmosphere. However, the terms atmosphere, atmoplane, and atmosplane are all alternative names of the same thing.


The Atmolayer consists of the following sub-layers:

  • Tropolayer - Up to 18km
  • Stratolayer - Up to 50km
  • Mesolayer - Up to 90km
  • Ionolayer - about 480 km


Ice Wall Containment

The atmolayer must be contained by a barrier on finite earth models of the theory to prevent the various gasses from flowing out into space. One model (now widely discredited) describes that there is an outer undiscovered Ice Wall which is tall enough to hold in the atmolayer, like the edges of a bowl.

Dark Energy Field

An alternative theory says that the atmolayer is held in by a complex reaction to the streams of Dark Energy at the edge of the world. This creates a "boundary" containment.

The Dark Energy Field is a vector field. It has a gradient that is smallest at the interaction of the atmosphere and the field, called the boundary layer. The DEF interacts with the magnetic field of the earth at this boundary layer. These vectors produce a force vector that is orthogonal to the other vectors in four dimensional space. This force vector is always normal to the boundary layer, thus providing a type of forced containment for the atmosphere.
- TheEngineer

Infinite Earth

If the earth is eternal, it is not necessary to hold in the atmolayer, as the atmolayer would have nothing to fall off. Under infinite earth models the atmolayer may freeze or decline in pressure in areas far beyond sunlight, and is not necessary eternal with the earth.

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