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Expert Series: Flat Earth

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Below is a collection of interviews with professionals and military personnel, interviewed by Mark Sargent, Rob Skiba, and others, who describe that their professions do not use Round Earth principles and make various statements from their experience suggesting a Flat Earth.

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  1. FLAT EARTH Confirmed by US Navy Missile Instructor
    Runtime: 1:42:20
  2. Flight Instructor: We all fly over a FLAT EARTH
    Runtime: 1:32:05
  3. U.S. Army Aviation & Ground Training Expert talks Flat Earth
    Runtime: 1:33:04
  4. Industrial Valve Expert: The ISS is a LIE - Flat Earth
    Runtime: 1:36
  5. US Navy Submarine Chief: What Curve? - Flat Earth - Part One
    Runtime: 1:16:56
  6. US Navy Submarine Chief: What Curve? - Flat Earth - Part Two
    Runtime: 1:34:07
  7. US Air Force Navigator talks about Flat Earth
    Runtime: 1:36:11
  8. Commercial Airline Captain: Plane Gyros Rigged; Flight Instructor Comments
    Runtime: 42:06
  9. United States Merchant Marine - Flat Earth is Real
    Runtime: 1:36:17
  10. Air Traffic Controller meets Flight Instructor on a Flat Earth
    Runtime: 1:39:31
  11. Australian Intelligence Officer: GPS is Ground Based
    Runtime: 18:14
  12. Career Land Surveyor: No Curve Ever Measured
    Runtime: 49:16
  13. USDA Surveyor Talks About the Flat Earth
    Runtime: 1:37:19
  14. US Army Artillery Radar Operator: No Curve Used
    Runtime: 6:35
  15. Navy Missle Instructor Describes Things That Confirm Flat Earth
    Runtime: 50:57
  16. US Navy Missile Instructor Proof of Service/Tour - Flat Earth - Mark Sargent
    Runtime: 13:42
  17. U.S. Army Master Gunner: Gyros, Coriolis Effect
    Runtime: 38:26
  18. Industrial Vacuum Expert
    Runtime: 1:21:41
  19. Navy Submariner Chris vs. NASA ISS Hoax
    Runtime: 29:25
  20. US Army Air Traffic Controller: Flat Earth Math
    Runtime: 59:44
  21. US Navy Navigator on Flat Earth
    Runtime: 1:22:46
  22. Submarine Navigator: "The Earth is Flat"
    Runtime: 0:58
  23. US Navy Quartermaster: Earth is Flat
    Runtime: 19:23
  24. Gunnery Expert Coriolis Calculation (Mike Helmick)
    Runtime: 13:39
  25. AutoCAD Technician: ALL Projects Are On FLAT EARTH (Mark Sargent)
    Runtime: 1:04:16
  26. US ARMY SCOUT 19D Globe Cult Knock Down (Mark Sargent) Flat Earth
    Runtime: 3:34
  27. USDA Surveyor (two years later) (Mark Sargent)
    Runtime: 1:15:12
  28. $100,000.00 Myrtle Beach Flat Earth Challenge (USDA Surveyor Ray Goodwin)
    Runtime: 3:21


Taboo Conspiracy summarizes many of the interviews in Flat Earth Fundamentals - The Professionals. Runtime: 2h