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Fizeau Experiment

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For a background on the Fritzeau experiment read the Fritzeau experiment page on Wikipedia.

  “ The Fizeau experiment was carried out by Hippolyte Fizeau in 1851 to measure the relative speeds of light in moving water. Fizeau used a special interferometer arrangement to measure the effect of movement of a medium upon the speed of light. ”

Incompatibility with Special Relativity

Optical Fizeau Experiment with Moving Water is Explained without Fresnel's Hypothesis and Contradicts Special Relativity
Journal of Physical Mathematics
Gennadiy S and Vitali S

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Abstract: "Fizeau experiment actually proves not partial, as the special relativity asserts, but complete dragging of the light by moving medium. The decrease of the fringe shift in the Fizeau's two-beam interferometer is explained not with wrong Fresnel's aether drag hypothesis but with the phase deviations arising in the interfering beams because of Doppler shift of the frequencies. Fizeau experiment does not prove but, on the contrary, refutes Einstein's theory of relativity."

About the Journal

"The Journal of Physical Mathematics is one of the topmost and important peer-reviewed journals in the field of Theoretical Physics.It publishes high-quality scientific content related to physical mathematics and mathematical methods of physics. Journal publicizes exceptional high quality articles [Research, Review, Perspective, Opinion, and short Commentary] in the relevant fields.

The Journal of Physical Mathematics is using Editorial Manager System for quality review process. The editorial board ensures high quality peer review for the submitted manuscripts. Experts in the relevant fields analyze the submitted manuscript from every perspective, like writing style, the quality of its technical content and its impact on and significance to the discipline. Reviewers play a pivotal role by giving their valuable opinions and suggestion of modifications on the quality of the article under consideration."