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* [[Round Earth Theory Curvature Calculations]]
* [[Round Earth Theory Curvature Calculations]]
=Works in Progress=
Below are works in progress. The content may change significantly or be rearranged.
==Sinking Ship Effect==
* [[Sinking Ship Effect Caused By Limits To Optical Resolution]]
* [[Sinking Ship Effect Caused By Refraction]]
==Bi-Polar Model==
==Mainstream Astronomy==
* [[NOAA Solar Calculator]]
* [[Celestial Mechanics Cannot Predict The Solar System]]
===Topics Related to Relativity===
* [[Michelson-Morley Experiment]]
* [[Fizeau Experiment]]
* [[Precession of Mercury's Orbit]]

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This section contains articles that do not otherwise fit in the listings, but are still important for the Flat Earth movement.


Round Earth Topics